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Dat Glitter Tho by Yukitou
Dat Glitter Tho
Finished commission for :iconasalikitten:
>.> she wanted the pony to sparkle with "dust" so I made it sparkly
Man, finding people to play games with is hard stuff, so is trying to get people to look at shirts and youtube pages.

About.. two of you know that I have a youtube account, I've been trying to use it to get over my issues with talking to people in order to collaborate but it doesn't seem to be working much since the few people I did find have gotten involved with life. On top of that my account has 100+ videos and 500+ views since March of last year, you'd think I'd have more then 10 subscribers, right? Wrong... Apparently I'm not very good at this whole youtube thing.

uh.. what else....

oh, I'll be uploading some more art soonish, most of it will be shirt designs for now because I'm at a loss of what else to draw as I seem to be in a rut with my life.

If you want to help me out a bit... I could use opinions on my channel HERE if you are willing to sit through some of my gaming videos and if you want to get a shirt or know anyone who would want one I  have them up on RedBubble. I'm anxious about posting this stuff in public, mostly because my family thinks that I am wasting my time doing things that I enjoy... Please don't be too harsh.

And I will hopefully be changing this horrible name soon to comatose something :T I need to get some money first, hence is why I'm trying to see shirts.
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Psitt Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Hi! It's Kymara from FP. Just thought I'd keep track of you haha.
Yukitou Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012
heh alright
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